Going out on the Edge




Hey guys ! So as this is my first blog post, I wanted you guys to get as close of a look into my style as possible. I don’t describe my style as fitting into one category, though. I describe it as if its cute- I wear it. The look featured is all about the edge but dressing it up by using my go-to: heels! I literally will add heels to any outfit to dress it up, so that I can still wear my cute and casual outfit, but give it more of a look. Whether you want to go to a dinner party, a kick back, a babyshower- th answer to cute /casual is ALWAYS HEELS!

Here are the featured pieces, with the prices and stores that I bought them from(scoll over the pic to see). The lace up booties are from Aldo but I bought them 2 years ago and they’re no longer on the site. BUT because I love Aldo so much, I’ll post a couple shoes that I feel like could be bomb alternatives from their site/store.



And here are some more pics from the shoot because I loved it so much! All i wanted you to take from this post is you can still be fierce in casual clothes. Hopefully you did! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, autumnssofab